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Here at Urban Essentials Massage & Wellness, located in the heart of Plaza Midwood, you'll find therapist that are dedicated to our clients and community. 

We are highly trained, put our clients first, love what we do and strive to provide there therapy you need to get out of pain and discomfort.

We work with a large and diverse clientele and your needs can be met with many of the specialties you will find explanations for on our webpage.  

At this local studio, we see one thing that is true: 

You are in need of someone with the experience and knowledge that can help you reach a goal which you can't reach on your own.

Usually, this is because of a tremendous amount of stress or maybe just a lack of knowledge about the human body.

When you leave the studio you can expect some of the following:

A greater sense of self and body awareness

Educated on how your pain may have manifested

Relaxed with a better outlook on life

Reduction in pain

Decrease in stress levels

Increased immune system response

Reduced heart rate and blood pressure

Balanced tension patterns

Balanced hormone levels and blood sugar levels

This list continues, but our best response is...."ready for a nap!"

Being a Massage Therapist isn't just about one kind of massage and just one kind of massage will not help all people.

We customize each session to what the client needs and prefers.

This may include simple relaxation, in depth pain management treatments, deep tissue massage or sports and Thai therapies.

At times, you may just need a quiet space for meditation and relaxation.

I work with both long term treatment plans and short term or single sessions.  

Our bodies are our temples and therapeutic massage/bodywork and wellness creates a temple that will stand for the long haul. If you have questions on whether or not I can help you, please contact me. I am happy to discuss any kind of treatment plan.  

Enjoy browsing through my website to find out more about my services. If you have specific questions about how certain services can help improve your life, please contact me and we can discuss!


Upcoming Events​

Sound Healing/Meditation


Elemental Healing

February 20th, 7pm