Christopher O'Donnell
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
NC 7935

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Chris O'Donnell
LMBT 7935
Owner/Massage Therapist
Bodywork Therapist

I started my experience in massage therapy when I was 20 years old in Boone, NC and have created a great career out of my passion for helping others heal from pain and mind/body reactions to stress and emotional turmoil. 

My background is varied and includes college studies in music and exercise science, studies in Alexander Technique, Personal Training and more.  With massage, I specialize in deep tissue, medical massage, pain management and Thai Massage and Bodywork therapies.  I combine all the techniques I've learned over the 12+ years of experience to bring my clients a balance to their mind/body/spirit connections.  I continue to enjoy my musical background with sound healing classes and meditations.  Nature and spirituality is my muse and I try to bring what I learn everyday to my practice.  

Outside of work, I love spending time meditating, working out, dancing my butt off for fun and quality time with friends! 

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