Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is an outcome based massage that reaches your goal for the session.

I specialize in all of the modalities you see below and also incorporate my Thai Massage principals to the session. 

I accept all types of clients with a wide variety of conditions that need to be treated.

Don't feel afraid to ask how I can help with your healing process. 

Medical Massage 

For clients that exhibit pain from injury or overuse. Many of our clients come to us to correct their aches and pains and if this is what you need, then this is the massage for you. Applying many advanced techniques that include myofacial release, neuromuscluar therapy, sports therapy and medical massage, we can set you on your way to optimal health! 

Deep Tissue Massage 

Takes a deeper approach at sore and achy muscles. Using many of the same techniques as a Relaxation/Swedish Massage but with a more firm pressure to reach the deeper layers of your muscle tissue. This is a great massage for active people that are looking for a great way to recover. If you have injuries or persistent pain, please request our Clinical Massage. 

Sports Massage 

A combination of medical, neuromuscular and recovery types of massages, sports massage incorporates deep tissue, kneading massage, stretches, neuromuscular reeducation and more. Normally done dressed in short workout clothing for movement on the table. Post workout massage is an amazing way to heal broken down musculature and poor tension patterns due to overuse during athletic activity. The idea is to reduce free radicals that prevent proper nutrition from entering the musculature and to create space and flexibility within joints. 

Relaxation Massage 

Will bring you into a deep state of relaxation and recovery. It indulges the body and mind in many of the traditional Swedish moves. Kneading and gliding along tense areas of the body. Incorporating hand, foot and scalp massage to take you completely away from all your worries and stresses.

Prenatal Massage 

Is geared to just that, pregnant women. It incorporates relaxation massage with a underlying clinical massage to help with the aches and pains of pregnancy. These may include lower back pain and hip pain, mid back tension due to increase belly size and lower leg and foot treatment that relieves built up stress.

Prenatal massage is completely safe for the mother and child. Precautions are made to make the mother as comfortable as possible and the therapist has years of knowledge of natural pressure points to avoid and to assist in a healthy pregnancy.  

Hot Stone Massage 

A very rejuvenating therapy that uses heated basalt stones instead of the therapists hands. Penetrating heat deep into the belly of the muscles while allowing the therapist to work firmer in pressure without pain or discomfort to the client. This massage will put you into a deep slumber and if so you will be awakened with gentle rocking and a relaxing scalp massage.

Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage is a technique for anyone who enjoys a warming, relaxing massage or for anyone who needs deep-tissue massage for overworked and injured muscles. Throughout the massage, the therapist will use warmed pieces of compressed bamboo to work the tension out of each muscle. This type of massage incorporates the use of oil and/or lotion to allow for smooth, long strokes and varying levels of pressure. The therapist usually starts with a lighter touch and progressively applies deeper techniques, varying the technique from Swedish strokes to deep tissue moves with the added benefit of deep penetrating heat. Anyone who has tissue adhesions, long periods with little movement, spasms, muscle tightness, insomnia, strains, sprains, headaches, and plain old daily stress can benefit from Warm Bamboo Massage