Christopher O'Donnell
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
NC 7935

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Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is the ability to effect the subtle energy within and surrounding the body.  We have many energy channels and fields within and around the human body.  Sometimes they are open and flowing well, this is when we are feeling great, have confidense and life flows easily.  Other times, our energy is distorted or flowing in the wrong direction, this is when we feel low in energy, can not sleep well, thoughts continuously run through our heads, feel pain within the body, lack confidense and/or general lack of enthusiasm for your life..

I use crystal healing the majority of the time or hands on touch to stimulate flow within the bodies energy system.  Some acupressure may be involved to open deeper blockages or to encourage greater energy flow.  As a client to this type of work, you should arrive in comfortable clothes and able to remove yourself from outside stresses, including phones and smart watches or fitbits.