Urban Essentials

Massage & Wellness

Massage Therapy of Charlotte NC

Located in the Elizabeth neighborhood is a relaxing, quiet space that has been created for you and your massage and wellness needs. 

With HEALING HANDS AND A COMPASSIONATE HEART, I use several types of massage modalities to create a therapeutic session for you.  Being a Massage Therapist isn't just about one kind of massage and just one kind of massage will not help all people.  I customize each session to what the client needs and prefers.  This may include simple relaxation, in depth pain management treatments, deep tissue massage or sports and Thai therapies. 

  My Philosophy:

The body is constantly striving for balance and flow in life... 

            ...whether we are sore from working out, tired from sitting at a desk all day or have chronic or debilitating medical condition, we constantly have to find a way to recover and create balance and flow. Here, we will help you bring your body back into balance to provide a better state of living. 

Enjoy browsing through my website to find out more about my services.  If you have specific questions about how certain services can help improve your life, please contact me and we can discuss!

I have been doing massage therapy since I attended certification courses back in 2007. At that time I was also studying Exercise Science at Appalachian State University.  When finishing the program, I fell in love with the practice and decided to make it a long term career.  I work with many advocates of health, including physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, personal trainers, physical therapist and more.  Throughout my time as a massage therapist, I have learned so much from my clients and teachers.  Although I am an advocate of all 'alternative and complimentary' healthcare, massage therapy and bodywork can resolve so many issues within the body and mind I quickly realized I will never run out of things to learn.   Join me in my practice and I will help you learn how to  create an alternative and natural process to heal and enjoy your life just a little bit more. 

Some of my interests outside of massage therapy include Urban Farming and Gardening, Classical music, and staying fit through practices at the gym!